Ahorse! Visual Identity by ARK Amsterdam — www.ark.amsterdam/ahorse
Motion paths test for the VR graphic church scene.
Styleframes for the VR graphic church scene.

"Ahorse!" — Graphic church scenery

Ahorse! is a playful cinematographic VR installation by cinematographer Wendy Gutman, which takes us on a journey through the development of human perception. Ahorse! challenges us to think about what reality really is, and what it means to be human. The VR installation is accompanied by a poetic essay by Edwin Gardner entitled ‘From One World to the Next – The Adventures of Consciousness’.
See www.Ahorse-vr.com for the entire project, trailer, viewings, news, team & www.Ahorse-vr.com/essay for a full essay.

"Ahorse was selected for IDFA'18 and SXSW2'19".

   — Virtual reality & graphic church scenery
   — VFX

Written, produced and directed by
   Wendy Gutman

Ahorse! Visual identity & Essay design
   Roosje Klap

Graphic Animations Church scene
   Remco Blom

See www.ahorse-vr.com/credits for all credits.

Press attention
   Nederlands Film Festival

Special thanks
   Het kattenkabinet
   Jos & Frank Buurman
   Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie