"Body of evidence" Crime scapes — Research

Experts are warning that too many people are substituting their real life for a virtual one. So much they have coined the term “virtual world addiction”. The criticism of these virtual worlds is that the games are specifically designed to keep people playing longer. For the majority of users it’s a bit of harmless fun, but the tragedy within this case is the forgotten or neglected child. It seems the collateral damage of gaming is all too often the families of those whose harmless fun turns into an addiction. For the game designers the incentive is financial. Keep the player hooked and the virtual dollars turn into real ones. What is the influence of manufacturers on the crime scape, who are the victims of these addictive games and how are the responsibilities divided within the virtual and the real world? Is living a second life a trap?

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Project reflection:
   Niels Schrader
   Kevin Bráy