"Questioning the question"
— Ministry of finance

   Innovation consists not in the present answers,
   but in the consideration of the question of the future.

How can the "Miljoenennota (Budget Memorandum)" interrogate instead of illustrate a truth? What is the axiology of a good question between the governement and the public? By asking research potential questions the excerpts from the Budget Memorandum are being re-evaluated, triggering a dialogue of questions. If you keep asking questions you keep finding better ones. Questions describe problems and vice versa. By asking questions you already think about the problems of the future. We are creators of the future rather than reactors on it. What is the axiology of a good question? Innovation consists not in the answers, but in the true novelty of the questions themselves. The value of predicting the Budget Memorandum in 2035 is in the statement of problems, not in their solutions. No explanation, no solution, but consideration of the question is most important.

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   Roel Backaert

Project reflection:
   Niels Schrader
   Lauren Alexander
   Nick Axel