"Budget Dreams" — Catalogue

As a sequel to What’s Inside the Koffer? project from 2014, third year Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design courses joined forces to comment on the 2015 Budget Memorandum distributed yearly by the Dutch Ministry of Finance. While our world economy is ruled by capitalistic principles, unpredictable markets and national profit-seeking, we increasingly come to realise that our future is an experimental, hypothetical view created by those in power. However, we believe that it should be up to the new generation of designers to create alternative visions on how our current situation should change for the better. Student works produced for the Budget Dreams exhibition stand as strong testament to the passionate involvement and intellectual curiosity of the upcoming generation.

— Catalogue design
— Exhibition

   Roel Backaert
   Medina Rešić

Project reflection:
   Niels Schrader
   Lauren Alexander
   Nick Axel

Publication editing:
   Thomas Buxó

Publication design:
   In collaboration with Pascal Schilp

   Raddraaier, Amsterdam