Exhibition Friends Only — The Internet is Present Part III

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"Friends Only — The Internet is Present Part III" — Gallery platform

"Friends Only — The Internet is Present Part III" is an interactive exhibition with more than forty international artists presenting the visual and performative aspects of contemporary virtual culture and its connection to the physical world.

As an unofficial shadow program of the Amsterdam Art Weekend, "Friends Only" introduced a new exhibition platform. An immersive viewing experience that uses the internet as a host for artworks that become accessible through a physical space. Vriend van Bavink is turned into a surrealistic labyrinth with visual cues, where you are challenged — with your own smartphone — to actively discover, scan, click and connect between the works, the makers and their themes. Opening performances by Maria Metsalu, music by Maria Forqué and gallery Vriend van Bavink’s dj squad.

Artist in the gallery:
Aaajiao, Bora Akinciturk, Andrey Bogush, Jennifer Chan, Mark Callahan, Petra Cortright, Design Displacement Group, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Maria Forqué / beta_0♥, Wassily Franco, Michele Gabriele, Emilie Gervais, Shawné Michaelin Holloway, Cyanne van den Houten, Lin Ke, Will Kendrick, Jacob Kok, Rachel Maclean, Lawn Mall, Jillian Mayer, Shawn Maximo, Vince Mckelvie, Rosa Menkman, Maria Metsalu, Brenna Murphy, Simone C. Niquille, Aapo Nikkanen, Pakui Hardware, Peekasso, Signe Pierce, Luca Pozzi, Geoffrey Pugen, Anna Reutinger, Sam Rolfes, Lisette Ros, Jeremy Rotsztain, Ryder Ripps, Molly Soda, Rustan Söderling, thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, Nora Turato, May Waver
& Benedikt Woeppel

"Friends Only — The Internet is Present Part III" is a project by curators Karolien Buurman and Florian Mecklenburg in collaboration with gallery Vriend van Bavink. It is the third and final part of the exhibition trilogy The Internet Is Present, an initiative by the international art collective VeryVeryContemporary.

"Friends Only is made possible through the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and the support and love of all volunteers".

— Web & Mobile
— Exhibition
— Coding

Identity design
   Selam X

Development web & mobile
   Pascal Schilp
   Remco Blom

3D visuals
   Remco Blom

Project curators
   Florian Mecklenburg
   Karolien Buurman

Press attention
   Vice.com / Creators / performance